Violin and Piano accompany scores - hope someone join

• Apr 18, 2014 - 19:02

hi all,

Will someone join together to reproduce violin and piano scores
from printed scores(most from IMSLP) and some midi files found online.

Searched the musescore song list, know some fever people who
devote their time to do it, some of them are larger scale orchestral work with
5 parts at least.

I just need 2-parts notes, Violin (solo) and Piano, would someone join for this project?
no more duplicate work ever.

My little background, serious casual violin player, give teaching as part time job.

No matter copy or d/l from somewhere, by ocr then edit,
by midi-keyboard input, by qwerty manually input. the followings
what I transformed according to IMSLP PDFs or exam pieces.

(all with violin and piano part)
bach - bwv 1041 violin concerto no1, full
Bach - bwv 1009 - Bourree I & II
Bach - Bwv 1056 Arioso
Beethoven - Sonata No 5 Spring 4-mvt
Brahms - Violin Sonata 2 Op100 mvt-2
Clerambault - Largo
Gabriel Faure - Berceuse Op16
Handel - Bourrée Sonata in G Major HWV 363b Op1 No5
Haydn minuet and trio
Korngold - Mummenschanz
Lully - Gavotte
Mozart An Chloe K524
mozart k334 Menuett
Oskar Rieding - Pastorale
Schubert Heidenroslein D257
Schubert Stanchen D957
schumann - the happy farmer
Schumann - Traumerei
Tchaikovsky Violin_Concerto_op35 2nd-mvt - AUER Canzonetta
Tobias Hume - A Soldier's Resolution
Valvidi - concerto in a minor
Vitali - Chaconne
Vittorino Monti - Csardas
Haydn - Theme from Surprise Symphony
handel march
Gossec - Gavotte
Angela Morley - Reverie
Bach - bwv 1042 violin concerto no2 in E (mvt-3)

(only violin part finished)
Edward Elgar - La Capricieuse
kreisler - preludium-allegro
Kreutzer - Etudes No. 30
Maria Theresia Von Paradis - Sicilienne Violin
Max Bruch - Kol Nidrei Op47
mozart kreisler - rondo
ponce heifetz - estrellita
schindler list - remembrances

indeed, some of them are copyrighted exam pieces, usually for my violin students who
bought original, transformed from printed matter to mscz and let them practice
at home before have real piano accompanist lessons(very expensive).

Other than exam pieces, there are still too many pieces that I am interested.

Any idea about?


In general a genre of two specific instruments is, I think, too narrow for you to attract many people. Is the choice of violin + piano motivated by the fact that many violin auditions and tests use just a piano for accompaniment? If this is the point, then I think that your idea makes sense.

I have created several MuseScore transcriptions of pieces with violin, and I mute the violin in playback so that I can supply the missing part. But I don't care whether it is violin + piano, or violin + flute, or violin + violin, or violin + orchestra... I don't do auditions and tests, so the piano is not important. I could not play an active part, but if you start your project, I will contribute a piece from time to time.

However, there are two big problems. The first is that the sheet music repository does not support any way to keep track of things like you would need. How would you do that?

The other problem is quality control. The current MuseScore repository is, as far as I know (I'm a newbie), just a simple place where you can put stuff. In addition to serious work, lots of people put in fragments, pieces with errors, silly copyright notices, and non-standard keys. If you are going to put in the hard work of practising something, especially for an exam, you can't just take a random .mscz and use it. You go to imslp and get a grubby scan of a professionally edited version that you know you can trust. I do that and transcribe it into MuseScore, but no one can, or should, trust my work. I am, by the way, obsessive about printing out the original and my version, and crossing off measure by measure as I compare the two. But no one knows that, and frankly I'm not perfect and I will make an error occasionally.

On this last point I do have some thoughts, though, of how MuseScore could have a system for helping in this regard, without a reviewing system like I believe they have at imslp. This would involve reputation, ratings, and good citizenry. If Wikipedia can work, which I would not have thought possible, then something like this with music might.


Great idea !
I am a teacher of violin. I use Musescore some times. And at this moment I'd like to copy the Haydn first movement of Concerto in G major for violin. Do you have a midi files of this concerto or have you already copy it in Musescore ?
Thanks a lot

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