Lover's Concerto

• Apr 22, 2014 - 08:04

So after I got minuet in G down, I was checking out a few ver of lover's concerto. Here's one from youtube that sounds decent:

I found some stuffs through google to start out. Please see the zip file.

I did the transcription. Sounds decent. Not sure if i got the coda correctly. Wondering if someone doesn't mind checking it out real quick compared to the sheets in the zip.

I think I got the correct sheet for the youtube vid. Seems like the vid plays a little different intro and ending but other than that I think it is the same ver? Please confirm.

Any change or suggestion to my transcription is also appreciated. Thanks..

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Lover's_Concerto.mscz 5.27 KB
Lover's Concerto 46.39 KB


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