Repeats does not work as expected

• Apr 23, 2014 - 11:19

As a very, very beginner to music, I kindly ask if somebody could help me with a problem of repeats.

File of a simple exercise with Da Segon and Coda is attached. The repeats does not work at all; I do'nt understand what is wrong. I read the online manual, read some earlier posts, and looked at the video, but I can'nt find the right answer.

Can somebody correct my file or explain what I did wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for your answer. I already looked at the video, but I was not expecting that writing the "Dal Segno" and "Coda" signs in Musescore in the same way as in the printed score would not work.

Grazie mille,

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Vielen Danke!
I expected something like your answer, but this surprises me, as, in the printed scores I received from the school, no other signs are provided: the 2 "Da Segno" signs are the same. (And we are supposed to understand what to do when we encounter these signs). I copied my song in Musescore exactly like it is printed in the schoolbook.
So, is it correct if I work this way in Musescore: when a jump has to be made, I have always to mention explicitally where the jump has to arrive, i.e. "Da Segno al Coda" will send to the Coda, but "Da Segno" alone does not send anywhere ?

Many thanks,

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I am sorry to disturb you again, but I really do'nt succeed. Is it a matter of the double lines at the end or something else??? Dis I misunderstood something?

May I kindly ask if you could modify my file so that it works? This way I could see exactly where I am wrong. I would be very gratefull for that
The file is attached again.
Many thanks in advance,

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Les 32 D.mscz 2.27 KB

Dal Segno (often abbreviated to DS) means "from the sign". In other words, you place a sign (the Segno symbol) and then, later, you place the instruction DS (from the Sign), DS al Coda (from the sign then jump to the Coda where indicated) or DS al Fine from the sign until it says Fine (end). Just using a sign and then another sign on its own to mean jump to the sign is incorrect so, yes, your schoolbook is wrong.

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