Shift + End

• May 1, 2014 - 19:28

Is the shift + end shortcut in selection mode supposed to only select from current selection to end of line, not end of score?
In Ms 1.3, it used to go to the end of the file. I can see that both shortcuts are useful, but I think to go to end of file is used more often. Maybe a combined solution is better? Like, every repeated press of 'end' move selection to next line break?


The more or less universal standard for Windows at least is that End moves the cursor to the end of line, so Shift+End selects to end of line. To get to end of document, you normally need Ctrl+End (Shift+Ctrl+End to select).

I've never heard of an application that uses repeated End presses to move line by line> It's not a bad idea necessarily, but sometimes, as they say, "standard is better than better".

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I see! Quite possible that I forgot that I have to press ctrl too. Thanks for the info!
Actually, my previous suggestion with the repeated press was just food for thought - the few usecases where it would be useful(like selecting a section) are well-served by shift-click...

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