how to stop 'recovery characters' from popping up?

• May 5, 2014 - 09:04

Hi i'm having some trouble employing individual accidentals ( in this case Sharp key signature). It seems that i have to put for example the sharp key signature on each note on the bar, or else the 'recovery characters' keppes popping up. Help?


If using a key signature is not what you want, then you are correct you need to apply the accidental to each note individually, or else a natural sign (what I assume you mean by "recovery") appears. The rational, I guess, is that this is how real musical instruments are played. That is, if you wish to play four F#'s in a row on a piano, you don't hit the first F# then just hit F's after that - you have to play F# all four times. So it is the same for note entry in MuseScore. Four F#'s are typed as "F Up F Up F Up F Up", although MuseScore of course knows to display the sharp sign only in front of the first.

But FWIW, this has bee revisited for the next major release of MsueScore (no official release date yet); it will work more like you apparently expect, where after entering one F#, other F's you enter automatically are interpreted as F#.

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