MuseScore on multiple devices.

• Oct 3, 2017 - 23:08

If MuseScore is installed on more than one device is it, or will it be, possible to have changes made to a score on one device appear on the other devices? FYI: I am a Mac user!
Many thanks in anticipation.



As long as both devices can access the same file such as in the cloud somewhere. The two computers cannot work on the file at the same time with good results.

That's what all these cloud services are about, Dropbox,, Google drove, OneDrive etc.
Doesn't work well thought with simultaneously working on the same file

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The problem is that if two people open the file at the same time they will not see changes the other is making. The result will be if person A opens the file and edits it, and person B opens it while this is happening and person A saves the file then person B saves the file, person B's file will overwrite person A's file. As I said, two people cannot edit the file at the same time with good results.

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Just place the scores on something all your computers have access to, a Windows share, UNIX NFS, or some cloud service, see above. Or place them on a thumb drive and carry that around from one machine to the other (the good old sneakernet)

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