Key signatures

• Oct 4, 2017 - 01:08

When I drag a new key signature into a measure, or select a note and double click on the key in the palette, it changes the one I clicked on. eg. click on one sharp and three sharps appear in the measure.


The concert key signature is always applied, so a B-flat instrument will have the key of A if you apply the key of G. To get the key of G apply the key of F.

MuseScore always applies concert key signatures because that is the only thing that makes sense with multiple instruments of different transpositions. For example, consider a score for a whole orchestrea. If you dragged a "G" major key signature, it needs to be "G" for flutes and violins, but "A" for clarinets, "D" for horns, etc. MuseScore handles all this automatically. But it can be surprising at first if you are working on a score for only a single instrument.

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