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• May 7, 2014 - 00:15

Hi there.

First post on this forum. I've searched for this issue and didn't find it, I hope it's not a dupe.

I'm creating a piano book, meaning several pieces after each other. The way I've found to make it nice and "normal" is to deactivate courtesy signatures via menu Style > Edit General Style and using vertical and horizontal frames. That way, it really seems that a new piece is starting (even though MuseScore knows it isn't so).

The problem I face now is that I have an option to hide courtesy signatures (and naturals) when they are turned on in the Style menu, but no way to make them appear when I need to, for instance if in the same piece there is a key change with a line break. Is that a limitation? Is there a workaround?

I'm using MuseScore 1.3 on Windows 8.1.

Thanks in advance.

ps: I'm tempted to install MuseScore 2.0, but afraid that if I put a lot of work in this and then I cannot open it later it will make me so sad...


Yes, don't try using a nightly build of what will eventually become 2.0 for work you care about. Although it won't hurt to install a build to test; it will not interfere with your current version. But only let it open *copies* of your work - you don't want to risk saving over your good 1.3 versions!

I think your best bet for now is to set the style option to show courtesy signatures, but hide them at the end of each piece (right click the key signature at the beginning of each piece, then select "Hide courtesy signature").

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Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, that option had already occured to me. I'm aware that 2.x versions will have an option to seperate pieces inside the same file, I was just wondering if there was an easier way. It's ok, it's only 26 (!) pieces. :-)

Thanks again!

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