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• May 10, 2014 - 11:29

I am editing scores for my choir, and the chorists find it helpful to highlight their own line on the printed score. I was wondering if it was possible to highlight the text or the instrument directly when editing the score ? e.g. have the lyrics for the soprani or the soprano line highlighted in blue?
I have musescore 1.3 on a mac OS X version 10.7.5


Yes - enter the text properties dialogue (right click the text) the colour can then be edited from that dialogue.

Come back here if that needs explaining better.

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If I right click on a note, I get a menu with "color" and I can change the note color, but when I try to do the same with the lyrics, the text remains a default black. I have tried using Style/edit text style, but that doesn't work either. I only succeeded in changing the font, and that for all lyrics.

Here's a small sample on which I tried to follow your instructions.

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The notes have different colors according to height, and the lyrics are displayed in red. But not highlighted.
If I import lyrics from another score with different font attributes, they are displayed as in the original score, but I cannot edit their properties.

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Lyrics odd lines (meaning the verse 1/3/5 etc.).
Color: choose color in the Select Color tab, then use the Apply button in the main tab (MuseScore: Edit Text Style).
The changes should be visible immediately.
I do not understand "not highlighted". You can try to select frame but you have to give a value to the Width, for example 0.10 mm.
Even the frames can be colored but I am not sure there is a function
"text background"
On this PC (Vista 32) behaves correctly, I'm afraid I have run out of ideas ;-)

P.S. and if we add a line?

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this is what I get :
in stat: : No such file or directory
in stat: : No such file or directory
in stat: : No such file or directory
in stat: : No such file or directory
Init midi driver failed
registerPlugin: add action idx 4
Load plugin: no menu property

But actually I think it worked because I have now reverted to initial settings. However, the problem still persists.

Often the changes (to size, colour, position) of text don't take effect immediately but they are acted upon once the score re-opens.

from the palette;
Double-click, and when the handles appear, right arrow to bring it to the end of the text;
Line Properties: choose size and color.
Sorry if I have not explained well

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Lots of things are a bit messed up in 1.3 when it comes to text. Should be much better when 2.0 comes out.

Lyrics are special in that they are not normal text - they have their own unique layout and rendering considerations. Same with chord symbols, measure numbers, maybe one or two other text types. So sometimes things that work one way with other "plain" text types will work differently or not at all with these "special" text types.

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