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Hi guys, I have had a look thru various answers here but still can't quite get it right... Sorry newbie both musecore and music
the song consists of a 4 bar intro
then 3 verses which included a repeated refrain with volta ending.

I cant quite get it to repeat that "verse/refrain1/refrain2" sequence 3 times.
My end repeat bar is not throwing it back to the beginning of the verse

appreciate your help, apologise for my lack of understanding.

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Repeat barlines don't nest, unlike in brackets in math.
Closest you can get is using Segno and D.S., in the next major version also with 'take repeats', which then does 2 rounds of verse/refrain1/refrain2, currently it only does verse1/refrain1/refrain2/verse2/refrain2

Your musicians however would understand how to pay a "D.S with repeats" and the 3 verses

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Many thx for the reply. That explains why my D.S was not working as I hoped ;)
As I use this mostly for creating midi practice tracks to play against I will certainly be looking fwd to the new version... for now I have simply extended the measures to its lots of sheet music but creates the correct midi playback.

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MuseScore prioritizes the notation over the actual playback. They would love to have pristine playback but they want to get the notation perfect before perfecting playback. You can make a separate "listening score" or when you are done properly notating you can take the time to get actual playback using Sound Fonts and "cheat" methods (Ex. rit. -> multiple decreasing tempo markings). Said "cheat" methods take time to learn and "discover", but can be really useful in the long run. Good Luck!

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