Disable dynamics of MIDI keyboard

• Oct 7, 2017 - 11:36

Hello. I'm new in Musescore and I haven't found option to disable the key dynamics (velocity) of MIDI keyboard. Is it possible in Musescore? Tks in advance.


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I'm not sure what you mean, so here's a couple of questions:
If one strikes a MIDI keyboard note with disabled (i.e. zero) velocity, what sound would one expect to hear?
Also, are you using a MIDI keyboard for note entry, or are you importing a MIDI into MuseScore and wish to disable the dynamics so as to hear a uniform volume when played back (either through MuseScore or your MIDI keyboard)?
Please explain your use case, and your request, in more detail.


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Tks for answering. I'm using a MIDI keyboard Midiplus Garagekey F37 to try (hear) harmonies while I'm entering notes. The problem is: because the sensibility of this keyboard is being very high, I need to play every key of chord "forte" to hear the complete chord. I would like to hear a constant volume when I play the keys.

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