• Oct 7, 2017 - 15:14

Hallo guys,
here ar my questions regarding the pianoroll-editor:

When I change velocity with the inspeceur I don't see the change in the pr-e and vice-versa ... is it not the same?

And now ... I don't know all the English words, hope someone can understand me nonetheless 'g'

Time-in shifts the beginning of a note, but what is the measurement? A percentage of the note's length? When I change time-in to an earlier beginning while leaving the length untouched, does the note end earlier, too? Or is the end-time the same as if I hadn't changed the time-in? Or in other words: Is the total length of the note stretched with an earlier beginning or not?

Length is always 1000 by default, so I guess it's 1000 per mille. Has time-in the same measurement? Is 50 time-in the same actual time/length as a 50 in length?

Example: An eighth note is to start 1/64 earlier, the time it ends is to remain unchanged. Which values do I have to put into time-in and length?


Time-in -> OnTime

OK, I looked it up in the code: both are expressed in per million of the nominal note length

Don't ask me what exactly those values actually do though ;-)

gateTime is different from onTime, and in percent (but again, I'm not sure about any of the details)
gateTime is 100% for slurred notes, less for staccato etc., depending on articulation and instrument definition

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