Is It Possible to Edit Individual Clef Volume? (Piano)

• May 19, 2014 - 02:59


I play the piano, but a few weeks ago I broke my wrist.. and have since been taking the opportunity to finally place the songs I had created in my head, onto *virtual* paper. I have completed one so far, however it contains lots of repeated triplets in the right hand, causing the volume of the triplets to block out the melody (which is in the left hand). I am wondering whether it is possible to make the Left Hand (Bass Clef) play in forte, while the Right Hand (Treble Clef) in piano.

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1) Create a second instrument (e.g. piano 2) and copy the bass clef staff of piano 1 into it. Then remove the bass staff from piano 1 and remove the treble staff from piano 2. Essentially, you will now have two pianos - one treble clef, one bass clef.
Then, access the mixer, and you'll be able to adjust the volume separately for each piano;
simply attach 'forte' to the left hand bass clef and 'piano' to the right hand treble clef.

2) Another way, without creating another instrument is to select all the notes of one staff (right click a note, then Select -> All Similar Elements in Same Staff).
Next right click on one of the highlighted notes and click on 'Note Properties' where you can set the 'velocity type' to 'user' and then increase/decrease the velocity number to make the entire staff louder/softer.
for info. on what the velocity settings look like.

Welcome aboard...sorry about the wrist.

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Live and learn!
I never noticed that the MIDI Properties dialog for Dynamics could be applied to staff, or part, or system.

BTW... Thanks for this wonderful app with its fascinating:
Maze of little twisting passages...
...or is it
Maze of twisty little passages?
Little twisty maze of passages?
Twisting maze of little passages?

Great job by the coders, et al...


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I'm going to try this but it sounds uniform as if I cant have changes from p to mf to ff in the hand i 'm using midi properties with. Gonna try 2 piano for 1 piano method then this lasconic's suggestion. Thanks again so much for the information. One of my preludes and etudes need this desperately for playback !

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What does 'part' actually mean mean per se (i.e., in contradistinction to staff and system, the only other choices for 'dynamic range')? Does it dovetail or overlap with (or correspond to) 'voice' in some manner? For all intents and purposes - general and/or specific - what is a 'part'?

I've been meaning to ask this!

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Instrument, or group of instruments. Internally also called excerpt.
Definitely not voices, although in a SATB closed score plus piano it could be the SATB part, i.e. the 2 staves for the choir, which are voices in the sense of singing, but not in the sense of rhythmical independent set of notes in the same staff

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Terminology is not always consistent unfortunately - in MuseScore or in real life.

In MuseScore, "part" as used here means the same thing as "instrument" as used in the "Creante New Score" or "Instruments" dialog. It's a single entity that usually has only one staff, but for piano and a few others might have two or more staves (and you can add staves to any instrument using those dialogs). So the "Part" settings for "Dynamics range" means it affects all staves in that same "instrument".

Of course, it is indeed the case that a single "instrument" in this sense might actually be used to contain notes for multiple "instruments" in the real life sense - that is, a single staff on which you have written music for both trumpet and saxophone, or two staves in a single instrument where the top staff is for soprano and alto and the bottom for tenor and bass.

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Hi, I have a series of repeated chords in the right hand of a piano piece. I want to keep them PPP and for the left hand to be louder. I followed your advice and dragged the dynamic to the first chord, then right clicked the dynamic. There was no 'midi properties' option so I could go no further. Can you tell me what I've done wrong?

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