Linux Latest Nightly Build segmentation faul

• May 24, 2014 - 20:27

When I run the Latest Nightly Build the open window appears, but I get a segmentation fault.
I got the following at the shell

"Can't open '/usr/local/share/mscore-2.0//sound/aeolus/stops/Aeolus/definition' for reading
Can't open '/usr/local/share/mscore-2.0//sound/aeolus/stops/Aeolus/presets' for reading
Fluid: sf not found
Internal error: shortcut not found
Segmentation fault"

Linux mint 17

Any suggestions



I assume you had already installed a previous nightly a few weeks or more ago. If so, there is an incompatibility that requires you to removes your old palette before running the latest nightly. Actually, if I read the source right, maybe the *next* nightly will eliminate that need. But for the one you have, running with "-F" to reset everything to factory defaults should fix it.

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