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• Aug 30, 2009 - 20:23

I have a score for jazz band and vocalist. The vocalist enters in bar 5. Is there any way to include in the vocalist's part the main notes of the band in the introductory bars to act as a cue for timing and ptich? Such notes would normally be in a small font but the only small font I can find is for grace notes. Thanks.


I am using Mac OS X 10.4.11 and right-click ie. ctrl-click doesn't appear to work while selecting a note in the score.
Highly frustrating as I MUST have cue notes in the parts.
Can anyone using a Mac and trying to add cue notes to parts help me with a suggestion? Thanks.

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Please forgive my ignorance...
I visited and chose the latest prelease option from the list in the parent directory.
Having downloaded the dmg. (or whatever it is) and double-clicked on it but all it would do is 'archive' the file. It didn't 'open' into a copy of the program as I expected.
Is there something i need to do which I'm currently not doing??
Thanks for your patience, everyone!!

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If your download it's ok, installing a prerelease is just like installing a stable version.
Check Installation instructions for Mac.
Be aware that a prerelease is not intended for important work. You may not be able to open a score made with a prerelease with another version of MuseScore.

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I binned my original download, downloaded 0.9.5 again...
The dmg file of the prerelease would still not i removed the .bz2 extension of the file and it opened!!!
The operation to create to cue notes by ctrl-clicking on the original note and selecting note properties works a treat!!!
I understand that the score will not open with another version of Musescore but if i do now begin work on my piece for six pianos (!) with this prerelease i presume I will be able to copy and paste things across into a new score when the new version of Musescore is released proper (when will that be?).


Be aware that unstable releases are more unstable than the so-called stable release. My own experience is that unstable releases crash often, so be sure to use ctrl-S frequently (or the Mac equivalent) to save your work.

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