Clef and Key Signature Trailing/Leading Space Data Not Saved; Repeat Bar Spacing

• Oct 14, 2017 - 15:52

I suppose it is already known that the trailing and leading space for clef and key signatures does not get saved (and that edits to time signature spacing DOES get saved).

Currently, there are no options for adjusting the space between repeat bars and clefs/key signatures beginning a system in 2.1. The only logical way to do this is to adjust the trailing space of the item adjacent to the repeat bar, which works ... but of course the problem is that this data does not get saved.

Recently, I was doing some work for a colleague (who isn't very computer savvy), and normally I would be using "other" software for this, but because my colleague originally scored their music using MuseScore, to make it easier for them I agreed to use MuseScore for the engraving and typesetting. My overall experience with MuseScore was surprisingly great but I found this particular issue really annoying. Whenever my colleague wanted to change something about the layout or a particular piece (change order of pieces, i.e. page numbers; change text style; add piano pedaling indications; etc.) I had to remember to adjust the trailing before exporting to pdf ... which I forgot to do quite often.

I would be great if these parameters could be fixed for a version 2 update.


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