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• Oct 14, 2017 - 16:43

Is there an easy way to create parts automatically for alternative instruments, say C and B-fl trumpets, from the same (concert pitch) score?


Add them all, copy/paste the notes, generate the parts, then in main score make those alternative instruments invisible (in the Instruments dialog, I)

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Yes. Unless you use linked staves. I haven't tested this though, so I don't know whether a staff from such a set of linked staves can a) get hidden and b) have a different transposition. I'm pretty sure though that it can't have a different sound.
Another option might be to generate the same part twice or even more often, and change the transposing in the parts, again untested, again most probably no different sounds.

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Linked staves have to be identical instruments and cannot be independently hidden.

You will need to do as Jojo said and create a new instrument for each one. Since you want them playing the same concert pitch notes, copy from one instrument to the other. If you are in concert pitch mode, it will appear the same notes are being pasted. If you have concert pitch turned off, you will see the transposed notes. Note: it doesn't matter which mode you are in when you copy and paste, the notes will be properly transposed as needed. If you make a change to one, you will need to copy the change to the other instrument. You should make the score with one instrument. When you are happy with the score, create the new instrument and copy and paste the entire song at once.

This is the only way to do it in the same score.

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Thanks. Got it, I think. I was hoping that, after I send out a beta version and get comments back, I could make changes without having to copy them into the alternate part, but apparently not. Maybe C and B-fl trumpets and B-fl and A clarinets are the only common cases where one would hope for automated alternate parts. Playback is a secondary concern for me, but of course I would want only one of two alternate instruments to sound. Btw, I must congratulate somebody--the sound of brass 4t or 5t played back through earphones is stupendous. Tempts one to write impossible riffs.

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There are a multitude of instruments that have multiple pitches. Many times the musicians are used to having to transcribe on the fly (i.e. not write it out, but play the correct note) because there is little music written for them. The nice thing about MuseScore is that it is not very difficult or time consuming to transpose and copy parts as needed. The built in editing tools make it easier. For example, to select and entire part, select the first measure, press ctrl-shift-end and everything is selected.

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Yes, but most multiple pitches are far enough apart that I wouldn't want to use the same concert pitch without thinking about it and probably supplying a separate score. I got into this because a trumpet player said I should use B-fl trumpets instead of C-trumpets (to avoid 5 flats), and I thought, since MuseScore makes it so easy, why not supply alternative parts for the same score? That turns out to be not as easy as I hoped, and updating not automatic, even with everyone's help, which I do appreciate. In case you're interested, I attach a pdf of the piano arrangement that started all this. Unfortunately it is in 1.3 and text formatting gets messed up when I open it in 2. Whatever it's deficiencies, I can tell you it is a great success at family Thanksgivings.

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