Palette items won't drag

• May 31, 2014 - 21:48

Windows 7
Version 1.3
Revision 5702

For some reason, about 90% of the time I try to drag something from the palette, it doesn't work. It won't select anything to drag. On occasion it works (no idea why), but once it stops working, it seems to stop completely.

Can anyone diagnose and possibly solve this problem?



...without more specifics.
What *exactly* are you dragging, and where are you placing it?

There are lots of items in the palettes and different ways to use them. For example, a sharp can be dragged from the accidentals palette onto a notehead, but that same sharp symbol cannot be added to a key signature.
Please post a score with precise instructions as to what you are attempting.

You wrote: 'It won't select anything to drag.'
Are you saying that when you hover over a palette item it doesn't change background color to white, while also displaying a 'tooltip'?

Also, instead of 'dragging', you can try selecting an item (e.g. notehead) in the score. Then double clicking on the palette item (e.g. sharp) will add it to the score without 'dragging'.

Again, posting an attachment would be best.

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In this particular case, I'm trying to drag a key signature change. But when this error occurs, it applies to all of the palette. It does turn white and displays the "tooltip." I have survived with selecting and double clicking for things like dynamics, but key signatures cannot work with this method. I've also deduced that this, as far as I can tell, isn't a particular score that has the issue, it's either something with my system or with MuseScore, since this occurs with most of my files.

Basically I'm attempting to drag a key signature on to a certain bar. When it does work, after several uses of the palette successfully by dragging and dropping, it stops working. My mouse pointer displays as if nothing is being dragged (i.e. doesn't have the plus on it like it should when it is working). Occasionally the "can't drop sign" will flash very quickly, but that is all that occurs. This also takes place if you bring up the the key signature menu not included in the palette.

In reply to by imazi643 it's about key signatures that stop working when you try to change into a new key.

I'm on Windows XP and don't encounter such behavior. Perhaps reloading the score (menu item: File / Reload) will enable you to continue whenever this happens.

Again, posting an example and showing where this occurs ('most of your files'?) would help, especially for any who use Windows 7.


I arranged a hymn for male trio and the first time out, everything worked fine. I just went in to change a few notes and noticed two things:
(1) notes are red (supposedly outside the range, according to what I've read) and shouldn't be. For example, in the tenor 1 part the B-flat next to middle C is red but the middle C isn't! There goes that explanation!

(2) the fermata will not drag out from the palette. I see the little plus sign, indicating it should be ready to print, but when I release the mouse over the correct note, nothing happens.

Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!

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As above, we can't help much without the score you are having problems with. You can attach it using the "File attachments" link right below where you type your post.

Regarding the range, if you mean "tenor" as in tenor *voice*, check which clef you are using. If it has the little "8" next to it, that indicates everything sounds an octave lower than written. And indeed, the Bb an octave and a step below middle C is very low for a tenor to sing.

Regarding drag and drop, make sure the note you want to attach the fermata to is highlighted when you release - it should change color. But drag and drop is not an efficient way of adding most markings. Much better is to click the note you want to attach the marking to, then double click the marking in the palette.

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You solved it on both counts, Marc. Thank you so much! Yes, I had dragged the wrong F clef into both tenor parts. When I corrected that, everything took a one-octave nosedive. Thankfully, I was able to select both parts and large blocks of measures at once, then move them back up one octave.

While the click and drag wouldn't work for the fermata, your system of highlighting the note and then double-clicking on the fermata worked like a charm.

Thank you, thank you!

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