Sibelius and Finale formats

• Sep 2, 2009 - 04:28
S5 - Suggestion

In future releases of MuseScore, I reccomend a Sibelius and Finale file importer for people who own those products and wish for clients (or students, in an educational settting) to be able to view, and possibly edit/revise scores with MuseScore. That's the only improvement I could possibly suggest. Thank you for keeping this program free, and this truly is a wonderful music notation program.

Wishing the best,
Chris N.


Hi Chris,

The ideal solution is indeed to have importers for both file formats but it's not possible since these file formats are proprietary & closed. So it's not really an option.

However, there is an ideal solution which is using MusicXML as intermediary file format. A Finale or Sibelius score can be exported as MusicXML and MuseScore as well as 100+ other music notation programs can import it.

Finale comes with MusicXML export on board (for NotePad only from version 2009), but for Sibelius you need to get an extra plugin called Dolet. We as well as many other people, hope that Sibelius will add the export on board (see the question and the official answer)

So MusicXML export and import is the only answer to your request.