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• Oct 18, 2017 - 02:35

In the attached score at measure 68, the upper vocal part is marked Forte, but during playback it seems to diminish to pianissimo. I say that, because it is later marked as pianissimo and that seems to be the level. I have looked for some other dynamic marks that might be affecting it, but can find none. Maybe there are other attributes that might be affecting the dynamics at this point. Playback isn't as important to me as the printed output, but it makes me think I may have made some sort of error. Can someone please help?

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You have a diminuendo in that measure, but there is no dynamic marking to tell MuseScore how much quieter you want. So it looks ahead to the next dynamic it can find in that staff, which is the pp at measure 82, and uses that as the ending dynamic. If you want it to only go down to, say, mf, you'd need to actually place an mf there.

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I had tried that. If you recall, the photo I put in Facebook had the mf there, but it made no difference so I took it out and was looking for some other cause. Then, after reading this comment, I put the mf back and this time it did make a difference, but I hid the mf so that it would look like the original score of the full opera from which I'm copying the duet. Well, it's working now, and like I said, the playback isn't that important to me. Thanks for your help.

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