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• Oct 18, 2017 - 03:20

I have been attempting--without success--to find the 'button' referenced in the deleting instructions, the one that is supposed to be visible somewhere on the screen when I have the desired score open. There is an 'x' adjacent to the name of the score on the tab above the score, but that does not offer me the option of deleting, only saving or discarding changes. The score that is open is open in Musescore's program. I have version 2.0.3, Revision 3c7a69d.


MuseScore does not provide a delete button of its own, no more than most other applications do. Scores in MuseScore are ordinary files on your computer that are deleted like any other files - eg, using Windows Explorer, or macOS "Finder", or however you normally go about deleting files.

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Mr. Sabatella, the instructions are from the following site:
> How to delete a score saved on
> Want to delete a score shared on
> "When viewing your score, click the button at the top right." (The instructions display red box with three black dots aligned vertically.)
Beneath that are the following options:
> Update this score
> Manage audio sources
> Send to YouTube (followed by three others, then)
"Delete this score"
Those appear in what looks like a drop-down dialog box, and below that is
> Press the "Delete" button at the bottom.
> You will be prompted for confirmation: "Are you sure you want to delete [Title of your score]?". This action cannot be undone.
> Press "Delete" again, or click on "Cancel" if you don't wish this.

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glad you found them! for the record, those instructions specifically say they are for scores saved on that is, scores saved on that website, such as via "save online". those instructions then are not talking about something you do with MuseScore, but something you do on the web site

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This does appear to support my contention that there is (unnecessary) confusion between "Musescore", meaning the score-writing software whose support site is, and "Musescore" meaning the site for sharing scores based at (As in, for example: "Upload" at means "Go to and upload a score", while "Download" at means "Download the Musescore software".)

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But this is not true. In the blue bar at the top of this very page it says "Musescore" (which is actually a link to this domain!) it shows a search bar - no mention that this means search as Then there's "Upload" - no mention that this means upload to My login name also appears (right end), with a menu, all of whose items go to this other domain, with no mention of ".com" at all.

Here's what to do. Replace the top blue bar with a panel labelled "Share scores at", or anything similar. It really is anomalous to have the top line actually referring to a different domain.

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I guess I was talking about the program itself and the documentation for it, since that was the context of this discussion. The layout of the web site is something else entirely. Still, the fact that the search bar at the top very explicitly says "Search for sheet music" makes the purpose perfectly clear. Users doesn't care if those results will be found on this site or the sister site; they just want to know how to search for sheet music versus other types of content.

And while you might be under the impression the "other types of content" are the more common ones, I suspect you are off, probably there are more searches for sheet music than any other content, perhaps by a factor of 100. That's just a guess, but a guess informed by a little familiarity with the web traffic stats. Anyhow, that's a discussion better continued in the other thread, which is about the web site layout. This discussion is about the program and its documentation, which to me seems pretty consistent on this front.

I am attempting to score in Musescore the piece attached below, hoping to get the Musescore version to look like the PDF (scored in another program that is now defunct). I am experiencing difficulty with
1) getting the grace note in the correct position for the first word of the 3rd verse, and
2) increasing the space between the verses.
- John

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In order to be of much help, we would need you to attach the actual score as well, so we can see what specifically you have already managed to get working and what you have left to do.

In particular, space between verses should normally be fine by default, so it might be that you are doing something incorrectly if you are feeling the need to add more. That said, see Style / General / Lyrics line height.

The note you are referring to as a grace note is not really that, it's really a pickup note in another voice, actually it's not notated correctly. The more correct notation would be to show the pickup where it belongs, at the end of the last measure before the repeat. But if you wish to reproduce the appearance of the original, probaby best to enter the note in voice 2 on beat 1 and manually move it (eg, via the Inspector). You'll probably also want to add some extra leading space so the note doesn't crow the beginning of the measure.

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