Growling sound in double bass playback

• Oct 23, 2017 - 17:49

All of a sudden when I play back an orchestral arrangement, the double base makes a gravely,growlying, roaring sound that does not move with the note. It sticks on a previous note. How do I fix this?


You can reply to your own posts rather than creating new topics when the topic is the same. As far as the sound, if it is all of a sudden, it either has to do with a setting on your computer or a different sound font you are now using. Attach you score and tell us which measure the problem occurs.

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I first noticed the growling problem around measured 220, but as you will hear, it now growls from the beginning. In this case, the orchestra tracks start as measure 21. The growling is on both the cello and double bass. When I mute the tracks while the music is playing, the growling continues for about 4 seconds before stopping. That is also the case when I click the stop button. The rest of the music stops, but the growling continues on those bass sounds for about 4 seconds. Thanks for your help.

Also, the timpani does not make a very realistic timpani sound. I'm sure that's just a function of the patch that is part of the program. I suppose it will be better when I upload the midi file to a DAW and use the patch on that program. But is there a better timpani sound available for Musescore?

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