Migrated to a new server?

• 2 months ago

I imagine a momentary disguise (maybe mine?) but I cannot find the buttons, or they are inert, the three points for accessing translation/editing


and I cannot attach my usual image :(


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To Shoichi and everyone, as MuseScore is getting more traffic than ever before, we needed to add more server power. We had some initial hiccups today after the migration, but now things should be working again. If you do find a problem which persist, don't hesitate to post about it. Thanks!

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Confirmed, same for me, Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11 (and I had a chat about this with Thomes via IRC about this), also Windows 10 and Edge. Not Android and Chrome though

Edit: issue got fixed now

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When new forum posts are posted and reported on the forum page, clicking the "# new" under the comment count does not take you to new posts. New posts are also not identified when I look the the thread. Windows 10 running Chrome

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Also confirmed, again Windows 7 and IE 11, also Windows 10 and Edge. This seems to be a problem that first appeared after the site software upgrade a couple weeks ago and got fixed then. Seems it is back now, after a site hardware upgrade

That "..." doesn't work at the moment for me too (it did yesterday, after the site came back), so I can't edit handbook pages (it works for editing posts though)

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