Support PayPal for donations

• Oct 25, 2017 - 14:00

In today's security lapse and breach world, I am reticent to send my CC info off to some unknown entity, especially when it is as anonymous as your donation page.

If you supported paypal I would donate. I prefer a single point of failure.


With the former internet presence of MuseScore it was possible to donate via paypal. From me a "+1" that it would be possible with the new one too.

I agree, with Paypal, I would send $50-$100 every year that I continue using MS. Much as I respect and admire the MuseScore project, I am nervous about my credit card info being shared to a loose collective of volunteers. Also, a key point is that credit cards 'pull' money, ie, once a vendor has my credit card number, he can charge against it as he pleases, and it's up to me to dispute it (if I notice). Paypal uses a 'push' model, ie, I have to initiate every payment.

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