Mahler Symphonies

• Oct 28, 2017 - 16:35

The only other full movements of Mahler that I've seen on MuseScore is his sixth. I hope to add on to that list of Mahler movements with my transcriptions of Mahler 5 movements 1 and 4 and soon the rest. Please help with revisions.


I am the one who did Mahler's sixth. I learned a lot about Mahler and transcribing his scores. What do you need help with?

I want to start by saying this is a very good transcription. It is very impressive.

I've looked at the first movement and found several mistakes I fixed. Most fixes I turned a purple color so you can easily find them. Changing the color back is simple in the inspector and using the curved arrow to the right of the color. I wanted you to easily see the changes I made and decide if you want to keep them. I suspect you will. I also put a couple of notes in a green font for ease of finding. These notes either explain what I did or give you a suggestion. There are 3 changes I did not highlight. I removed some extra slurs. I added some courtesy accidentals, mostly on the bass. I changed some notes to the enharmonic spelling where you had the other spelling, they now are what was on the original score.

I put a note on the french horns that I want to explain. Prior to the 20th century and often still in the 20th century, the bass clef notes were usually written an octave higher than they sound. I changed the clefs and adjusted the octave to make them play back correctly. I made the clefs purple so you can see which sections I altered.

Good job. I often wish I had someone to do this for me. Let me know if you object to me doing the same thing for the 4th movement.

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Give me some time (several day at least) and I will look at it. I'm not surprised a Mahler movement would lag as large as they are. The method I use to work around this is to make another file and call it "Mahler-5-2 (work area)" and use that to enter notes, dynamics and staff text. I then copy it to the score I'm working on and delete it from the work area so it doesn't get too big. Depending on the score I will either do this a page at a time or a few instruments at a time over a logical number of measures. This greatly increases note input speed.

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