Where do the fonts live?

• Oct 31, 2017 - 02:52

Hello. I'm interested in making some modifications to the music symbols and music text fonts, in order to make my lead sheets more readable on the bandstand. I don't have any prior font editing experience, but I'm gonna give this a go.

I've installed FontForge, and now I'm trying to figure out where the Bravura, Emmentaler, and Gonville fonts are located on my hard drive so that I can experiment with changing some of the glyphs. I can't seem to find them. Also, once I've created a new font, how can I instruct MuseScore to use my font instead of one of the pre-supplied fonts?



The musical fonts are not accessible, they are embedded in the MuseScore binary, so you would have to recompile MuseScore with your changes... It's possible but maybe there is another way to get what you want.

What do you want to change in the fonts exactly?

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Hm, that sounds inconvenient. Yes, perhaps it would be simpler to save the printed output as PostScript and modify the PostScript file to switch the font.

Well, at the moment the main thing I want to change are some of the articulation marks. I find that the tenuto mark, for example, is too thin; I'd like to make it bolder, so that it's more visible to musicians sight-reading on the bandstand. I'm sure that once I get going, though, I'll want to keep tweaking things. :)

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