The "Title" text style

• Oct 31, 2017 - 04:00

Where is the reference point against which the "offset" and "alignment" options in a particular Text Style are defined?

For example, in the Title style, I'd like to have the top edge of the text line up with the top edge of the Vertical Frame. I can change the vertical alignment option in the Title style (to the first of the four options, which looks like the top edge of the text is aligned with the reference line), but it doesn't have the effect I'm hoping for.

If my description isn't obvious then I can post some screen shots.


The reference point differs for different element types. Titles are generally "Text" elements placed within frames, in which case the reference point is the frame itself. Top alignment does indeed align the top of the logical box surrounding the text with the top of the frame, but that doesn't guarantee any character within the text will actually touch the top of the frame. Consider, there needs to be room for the tallest character in the font. Try for instance one of the capital letters with an accent mark (eg, from the F2 "Special Characters" palette) and you'll see this does touch the top.

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