Change key when changing instrument?

• Nov 6, 2017 - 00:41

I have written a part for Alto sax ( Eb ). Part way through the piece the Alto changes to Flute. I can alter the instrument by right clicking and playback the sound is changed to Flute, however when I print the music the key is not changed when the instrument changes. If I change the key in the score every part changes key. How do I fix this?



Do I understand correctly that the transposition works and the correct notes are printed for the flute, but you don't get a new key-signature when the flute section begins, and instead a lot of extra accidentals (sharps ♯ and flats ♭) in the flute section?

What you need to do is to add a new key signature yourself at that point, but only for the Alto/flute part. You can do this by pressing the ctrl key while you drag the key signature to the staff. See…

To make sure I add the correct key-signature, I usually go to concert key mode and add the exact same key as is already playing. When swithching off concert-key, the key-signature will be conrrectly transposed for the new instrument (flute in your case).

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Just wanted to confirm the above is correct. Ideally the key signature would update automatically when you use a mid-score instrument change, but unfortunately I was unable to get that to work properly due to other problems in the underlying code I was relying upon. But I have verified it works to add a key change manually as described here.

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