Two songs in one sheet

• Nov 12, 2017 - 11:51

My son just started to learn how to play piano and I use Musescore to make nursery/child songs in printable sheets.
I'd like to add 2 or more short songs onto one page/sheet but I couldn't figure out how.
Is it possible at all?


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Each score, you want to join, must have the same number of instruments in the same order. If you're using different instruments in different scores, you've to add them in all scores in the same order and using the option "hide empty staves" in style->general...
If it doesn't work for you maybe attache the sores for further help.

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It is too inconvenient to make a book of scores with multiple songs if all songs must have all instruments in the same order (although unused measures can be hidden). It is because, whenever a new song is to be added to the existing song(s), "continuous view" mode must be used first. The mode makes all invisible measures visible and then either you enter notes or manually make the necessary staves visible. When all staves/measures for all instruments appear, this is too cumbersome when there would be many staves/measures that are not at all needed in the song edited. Also, logically this does not make a good sense with most cases that I have experienced. Of course, this is not a problem, e.,g., when all songs are of piano pieces or of some ensamble or orchestrations where it is natural when all instruments/measures staves are shown.

When a musical piece is ended with a bold double bar line, indicating a clear end, it is most natural for MuseScore to allow different number of instruments for the next song. If the piece is ended with non-bold double bar line, I suppose that it may indicate that the same number of instruments are used with the same order, but I am not certain whether such is a requirement from some technical reasons, e.g., MusicXML definition.

You can use albums but it might be overkill. Why not just put the two songs in the same score directly? Enter the first, add a section break to last measure, append a vertical frame, add a new title to it, append more measures, and enter the new song.

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Does the use of section breaks and vertical frames like this also allow for the export feature (as of v3.6) to automatically be able (via "score from parts" option, or something similar) to export multiple mp3's as separate tracks? For example I have a set of 21 variations all in one score -- it was one improvisation -- and it would be quite a bit of extra work to manually cut out and create separate musescore score files for each variation.

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