Newbie Needs Help with Timing

• Sep 6, 2009 - 23:49

Hi everyone. First off, what a great free programme. I love open has produced so many powerful, professional, top notch programmes out there.

Ok, so my problem is my lack of musical understanding. I play the guitar predominately actually, and although I know what the note names on the piano are, if I want to learn something I have listen to it first on mp3, then I can figure out how it's meant to play (to a greater or lesser degree) on the piano (I do know how to read the notes of sheet music, just not anything else...timing, what all the symbols mean, etc.... I know...I am a piano heathen! and I need to actually learn to read music better. So, it is my own fault that after downloading and installing MuseScore yesterday, it didn't take me long to get stuck. I have come to a place in the music where I can't get it to input what I want. I know this is my fault (lack of notation understanding) and not the software. So I am hoping some nice (and extremely patient) person can help me. Once I've learned it once, I'll be fine.

For the Bass Clef (I'm referring to a piano book I have, I can input the first whole note, but cannot manage to put the rest above it, or any of the following notes on that measure. I presume I am using the wrong notation and the programme simply believes timing doesn't allow for any further notes. I would much appreciate any help on offer to sort this out.

Thanks guys. Have attached the original portion of music I am using to create the score in musescore.....and I've also attached what I've done so far in that measure in musescore. Thanks. Michaela

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Thanks David! I have it all sorted now. I did previously try the different voicing, but couldn't enter a rest. My lack of knowledge was that rests have a time value too, and I didn't realise I couldn't figure out why, when I only had the rest selected, that I could not input that alone. Now I realise that I have to select a note for time value, then select the rest symbol, then do it. Thanks a lot.

Be good now...


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