D.C./D.S. Time With Repeat

• Jun 20, 2014 - 13:21

While I acknowledge that the conventional way is to disregard the 1st time endings and repeat symbols after a Da Capo or a Dal Segno, I would like to know how to set the sheet music up so that the song plays the same way before a D.C. or D.S. as after it. If the feature does not exist, please move this to "feature request", but I believe this to be a huge hole in this majestic program, along with the lack of "2nd Time Only".
Attached is my version of Super Mario 64's Bob-omb Battlefield. You can hear that the repeat does not play the 2nd time after the D.S.
TL;DR: I want repeats to work after D.C. or D.S.

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Generally, MuseScore supports only fairly simple arrangements of repeats and so forth. MuseScore is meant primarily as a notation program, not a general purpose playback program. The playback is mostly just so you can check your own work. If for some reason you need a full-fledged performance with repeats and so forth played in some precise way, it's best to make a copy of the score and then just copy and paste things around so there are no repeats at all - so things are just all written out start to finish. Or export to MIDi and a use a sequencer to do that kind of editing.

That said, sure, some day, improvements to the playback functionality would be nice and will probably happen. Just realize it's always going to lower in priority than the needed improvements in notation.

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