12 demisemiquaver in one beat

• Nov 21, 2017 - 21:19

This is a complex violin piece, and I need to write 12 demisemiquaver in one beat!

I attach a photo of an Encore part, which allows that. I could not figure it in MuseScore...

Thanks for any help.

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I am not American and English isn't my mother tongue.
However, I want to explain (As far as I can) :

If you select 4th(Quarter) note: (and went to here: Menu->Notes->Tuplets->Other)
How many tuplets do you want?: 12
Originally, how many of these are, in the selected duration?: 8(x32nd)
Relation: 12 / 8 (means: 12, on 8)
Result: (which durations can enter?): 12x32nd (or combinations of these: 12x32nd(at least 3 or 4x) / 6x16th / 3x8th / 1(½)x4th).

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Thank you all, folks, for the help.
However, after solving the problem, I incurred in a new one...
The number of notes (very large as you can see), don't fit on the measure!
If I keep writing, it just vanishes from the page...

A sample is attached. I may try to put the beat in a 2/4 mode, although it may affect the remaining 20 other nstruments...

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