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• Nov 29, 2017 - 00:12

I'm sure that this has been said quite a few times but all my searches about this topic are for earlier versions of MuseScore. I currently have the latest version of MuseScore, which I believe is 2.1 (I think there was an update after that but not sure, either way I do have the latest updates in it). It almost always freezes, turns into an opaque white screen with "Not Responding" on the Windows bar. My computer is a little slow but it hasn't gotten this bad (it used to mostly pause, not respond, and then works fine later). After several minutes of unresponsiveness, Windows says "MuseScore.exe has a problem" and wants to close it down. It gets worse to the point where it wouldn't even open (I just have the "MuseScore" logo rectangle on the screen without the actual program loading). At this point I use the task manager to shut down the application almost every time. I check the processes and it eats up to 2 GB of RAM, which is a lot (I have soundfonts) but it doesn't show that it goes over my capacity of 4GB. It always heights at around a total of 3.9 GB which would mean that the computer is at nearly full capacity but the programs using the memory should be fine. Any help or is this just my computer?

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I assumed this was the case. However, I haven't added many SoundFonts for awhile now. Usually MuseScore runs okay, sometimes takes a few tries to open the program, and I use the program normally. It eventually goes to "Not Responding" and crashes later, which I've gotten used to since I assume that MuseScore does need its "breaks". As files get larger, the input starts to get slower in response to. For example, if you hold an arrow key to change the pitch of a note, the note would change pitches more slowly if the file is larger, which I also have gotten used to. This issue sort of "popped up in the middle of nowhere". I checked my SoundFonts folder and deleted any unnecessary and duplicates (I now find out that some of the SoundFonts take some SoundFonts from others). I have the "Symphony2" version of the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (about 1.2G), a Euphonium (1.1MB which is incredibly small, not sure if that's normal), a Crotales pack (14.3MB, not very large), FluidR3Mono (I have no idea how large it is, I assume its decently large) and a folder with around two dozen SFZ files on percussion. I think that's your idea of a "very large" SoundFont, as that is about all I'd ever use for a long time (unless I find a "classical" saxophone SoundFont!). The percussion is probably a significant cause of the slow down so is there any way I can condense that into an SF2 if that helps? Thanks!

I've been having the same problem with MuseScore 2.1 on Windows 10 - usually able to work for five or ten minutes before entering the "Not Responding" state. I'm not using any extra SoundFonts. I was using MuseScore pretty intensively for a few months with no trouble; this began a couple of days ago after a very large Windows Update installed itself. I've tried deinstalling/reinstalling MS2.1 to no avail.

Possible good news: I just downloaded the latest nightly build (dated December 13 I believe) and have been working for a full hour with no problems. Too soon to be sure, but perhaps it will work for you.

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Yes, it was the latest build from and says 2.2.0.

I haven't used the piano roll editor, and in fact Task Manager showed MuseScore not eating any CPU while it was not responding. I'm happy to provide any further description that might help.

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