Sound of A and B

• Nov 29, 2017 - 16:21

When you write something with strings, and you want that the violin plays a high A or a high B, you get a terrible noise. That is NOT nice. Please can you do something about that because it's very irritating while playing the piece. Maybe it's also because I'm a perfectionist but okay, please, help!
By the way, sorry, but my English is not that good because I'm Dutch and I'm only twelve. Forgive me, please. :-)
And there are also many mistakes in the Dutch translation, but that's not the reason why I send this message so I'll quit and do something else.
Thanks for reading and maybe, helping.

This is what Google Translate says:
When you write something with strings and you want the violin to play a high la or si, you get a terrible sound and that is not fun. Can you do something about that, because it is very annoying when you play the piece. Maybe it is also because I am a perfectionist but okay.
By the way, sorry for my broken English, but I am Dutch and only twelve. Please forgive me :-)
There are also many errors in the Dutch translation, but that is not the reason why I post this message, so I will stop and do something else.
Thank you for reading and maybe helping.


You're English is better than Google's so don't worry about that.

Which version of MuseScore and sound font are you using.

Also, please attach the score you are having trouble with so we can hear exactly what you mean. It could be that you simply have the volume up too high and the audio is clipping or your speakers are distorting. I'm not aware of any general problem with any particular violin notes, and I tried all the A's and B' in the range of the instrument just now and didn't notice anything unusual.

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