Adding systems before the first systen

• Nov 30, 2017 - 13:47

I have a small problem with adding staves. It is no problem to add staves/systems ad the end of a score or to add measure within a staff system, However I havn't found out how to add staves/systems before the first staff.
Of course I can insert measure after the first measure (using "insert measures" and move the first measure to the place I want) but maybe there is an easier way. To clarify: I am writing an arrangement and discover I have forgotten to write an intro (4 or 8 bars) .
Any help is appreciated.
J.L. Blom


Select first measure -> menu "Add" -> Measures -> Insert Measures -> in the dialog; enter the number of measures you wish -> Ok

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Thanks for the answer. I hadn't tried it but that's the solution. I was accustomed to Finale where there is a specific command to add to the end or toe add to the front. This is of course much easier (but Musescore is much easier than than that commercial program after the rather steep learning curve for Musescore.) Thanks for your help.
Joep L. blom

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