Musescore flash card app for android

• Dec 2, 2017 - 10:50

I am a violin teacher, and I have been dreaming of a flashcard generator app for teaching. The app would work like this: (1) Create a flashcard pack. (2) Create a Musescore score. (3) Select a section of the score, and press a button "Create Flashcard". This would add a flashcard to the pack.

You could then download the pack to your cellphone, and use the flashcard app to randomly display the cards. While displaying the card, you can tap to hear the notes played, or to see the note names.

This app would be tremendously useful to me and, I believe, to many students and teachers. I could take a song my kids were learning (ABC, Old MacDonald), break it up into flashcard segments, and then teach it to the students.

Alas, I haven't the foggiest idea how to develop an app. Any developers want to take up the challenge?


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The flashcards I use have measures with three notes in them. But in principle it should be flexible. So, for example, if I am teaching "ABC" I could create flash cards with separate measures ("D D A A", "B B A (1/2)") and other flash cards with two measures together, and so on. I could create a set of flashcards with the beginnings of songs, and have the students identify the songs from the fragments.

There are a lot of ways the cards could be used.

As for what would be on the card, I imagine that on each card you would see the clef, the key signature, maybe the time signature, and the notes. In the lower right corner a speaker icon - click on it and you hear the notes played. In the lower left corner, an icon "ABC" - click on it, and it shows the note names. Left and right arrows to go to the next or previous card.

Cards should be displayed in random order.

I could actually write a short spec if you are interested.

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