Notating Mark Tree (Metal Wind Chimes) inside a regular 5 line staff

• Dec 4, 2017 - 01:04

How can I notate the following in a regular 5 line staff instead of in the default percussion clef. Thank you.

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If your not sure how to put the wind chimes on a 5 line staff. Open the instruments (i) and add a wind chime. Add a staff while your there if you need to.

As for the glissando. If your only concern is notation (not playback) you can enter a 32nd note and don't worry about the rests to start with. Then enter the 1/2 note. Select the 32nd note and apply the glissando. Next, on the first 32nd rest enter a note that will give your note you want visible the proper slope. Select that new notehead only and make it invisible (v), then select the stem of that note and make it invisible. Select the note in the second measure and change the head group to Diamond in the inspector and the visible 32nd note head group a Cross. Finally, select the rests and make them invisible. I almost for got the tie after the diamond note. I would add a grace note after with the same pitch, select the diamond note and press + to add the tie, then make the grace note after invisible. The grace note after will not play, so you don't have to worry about silencing it.

To make it play correctly you will want to make all of the previous notes not play in the inspector. Next, using voice 2, make the first note a dotted 1/2 the other a normal 1/2 note and apply a glissando. Select the glissando and change the style to chromatic if that is not the default. Make everything you did in voice 2 invisible.

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