Playback segues?

• Dec 9, 2017 - 02:28

HI All
I have written a musical which is through composed however because of the file sizes I had to create 30 discrete 'pieces' . My question is how do I get them to playback one after another without a break and clicking from one to another ?
Will an album playback this way?
Do I export them to another program?
Cheers LIndz


Create an album and use "Join Scores" to combine them all into a single score. This would then playback straight through, except perhaps for a 3-second pause between sections (you can control this via options or the Inspector).

If you've split the piece for performance reasons, then using Album to join them will give you the same performance issues currently.

Alternatively, export them all to wav and use a sound editor such as Audacity to concatenate them.

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