Album feature bug: A tremolo between notes changes noteheads in a joined score

• Dec 9, 2017 - 09:06

I've just found a bug in the album feature while fiddling with it.
If an album contains a file which has a "tremolo between notes," it causes change of noteheads.
I tried to search in this website whether this problem is already reported or not, but I couldn't find such one... perhaps because of my lack of English skill. Anyway, I explain it below.

I'm attaching sample files.
test1.mscz doesn't have any tremolo between notes, and test2.mscz does.
tremolo_album_test1.mscz is the joined file of the two.
And, tremolo_album_test2.mscz is also a joined one but in reverse order (test2.mscz -> test1.mscz).

test2.mscz has tremolos between whole notes and half notes.
In tremolo_album_test1.mscz, you would see strange change of the latter noteheads of each tremolo. Whole and half notes appear to be double whole and whole notes, respectively.
In tremolo_album_test2.mscz, all notes involved in a tremolo appear to be quadrupled their length.

note: the latter problem (tremolo_album_test2.mscz) doesn't happen in the first generation of the joined score. Once generated tremolo_album_test1.mscz, then the latter problem begins occurring until you close the Musescore program.

Can you reproduce this? I'm prepared to file it in the issue tracker if someone verifies it.
By the way, I'm remembering to have read that the next major release will do away with the album feature, though...

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On the bug report, the person who wrote the code to fix it says he cannot reproduce the problem with the fixed code. What version of MuseScore are you using. You can post the answer in the issue report with an explanation of exactly what you did to find the problem. Tell them something like, Create an album by adding file one (use the name of the file) then file two (name of the file) then merge the files. You will see the problem in measures x and y (replace x & y with measure numbers as appropriate.

I'm not sure you speak English first, so I hope this makes sense.

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