MuseScore midi files not working in Casio Chordana

• Dec 18, 2017 - 22:43

I am trying to create simple children's songs for my kids to learn on the piano using the Casio Chordana app. ( key board lights up based on the app drivers and it displays the music on a tablet screen ).
Down loading a midi file into the Chordana app works fine , but as soon as I open the file in Musescore and delete bars or simplify the note structure , the resulting exported midi file into the Chordana app results in Chordana only displaying the treble clef line and then displaying the same notes into a Treble clef line where the Base clef was in the original version. I have created a test version of the song where the first line is on channel one and the second line is on channel two , and I get the same results .
Creating a new song in muscescore from scratch gets the same results in Chordana
I have tried both a down level version and the latest version of musecore , and get the same results .
It would appear once a file is processed in musescore it loses a tag that Chordana was looking for so it can process more then one line.
What am I doing wrong ?
Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a modified song to work in Chordana ?


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Wow thanks for getting back to me so quickly . I have attached
Itsybitsyspider musoft.mid which was saved from the music site and attached the Cordana Original .jpg picture that shows that it works fine showing first 2 lines of music Treble clef on the first line and Base Clef on the 2nd line and hand numbering correct .
Itsybitsysspider Musoft mod 1.mid where I went to town and dropped off all the other instruments and cut the jazz interlude out and attached the Cordana Mod 1.jpg picture to show that the first line of music was duplicated on the 2nd line and the fingering numbers are reversed and I think that the bottom line is now the right hand
Itsybitsyspider musoft Mod 3 .mid where all I did was delete the first 2 bars of line 2 and copy the first to bars of line 3 up and attached the cordana Mod 3.jpg picture that shows that the changes did happen , and the 2nd line is still showing , but there are extra notes, and sharps in the first bar that go natural in the next .
In all 3 cases I was careful NOT to store the files in the .mscz format , and then go to .mid later , previous experience showed that I lost piano pedal directions when I did that . So each file was only saved as .mid , not sure i have Musescore file if that is the .mscz file .

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from chordana's site: "Chordana Play generates a music score from the MIDI file, and therefore the score shown may differ from the original music score."

According to this quote: Chordana is changing the original file contents.

I made 4 versions for you.
which works properly with the Chordana? //Of course you will export to MIDI-File first :)
1 is Normal piano Score
2 is Two separate lines for RH and LH (like two instruments)
3 is same as 2.; with added chord staff (volume=0)
4 is same as 1.; with added chord staff (volume=0)

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Nice work on creating a simplified song . I have attached the screen shot of Chordana for each of your test files
Both test 1 and 2 do not show the 2nd line , they just duplicate the first line again for the 2nd line . Test 3 and 4 pick up your 3rd line ( organ chords ) and show as 2nd line .
I went back to the original down loaded file from the music site ( confirmed a new copy of the song worked ) and then started to change the file and test it . I removed the drum line and Chordana worked fine , I removed 2 other lines , still worked , I got the file down to 3 lines similar to your test 3 and 4 and it worked fine in Chordana . It was only when I started to make changes in any of these 3 lines did Chordana default to producing the first line twice .
So it comes back two questions .
1. when you create an original file like your test files in musescore, what makes them different from the files that are pulled down from the Midi music sites ( which work fine until modified ) ?
2. when you change notes or delete notes in a down loaded midi music site file, what flag or parameter changes in musescore that causes Chordana to treat it differently ?

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Maybe only difference is: Musescore saves to type-0 (compact) midi file.

Look at the settings in Chordana:
Do you have options like: Create chords, Simplify. (?) (If yes: Turn them off and try again)

I added the type1 midi files.
Files created by MuseScore, then converted to type-1 (I opened it with Sekaiju and saved it) . There is no other differences. Test them out.
If it still doesn't work, contact Casio forums with these midi files.

PS: Also, you can use freeware/open source Sekaiju midi editor.

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Yes there are options like create cords/ Simplify , and yes I have turned them off , had to to get the original version to work. For your test files , if I turn this feature on , I get the simplified cords , Plus , your articulated base beat showing combined all on the left hand, key light up feature .
I was hoping that the channel type difference was it , but unfortunately type 1 does not work any better , results are exactly the same as Type 0
Thank you for your ideas , guess I will head off to a Casio forum .

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I have found a way to view the tracks in Chordana and which hand it attaches to each track ,which then changes the score as well . In the midi file down loaded from the internet ( original ) the right hand is attached to track one and the left hand is attached to track two as they should be . In the attached file that I modified both hands are assigned to track one hence the duplication of the first line of music showing on the chordana score . The same situation , both hands assigned to track one occurs in a new file created in musescore ( all 4 of the ones you created are good examples of something missing on line 2 that would identify it as a base clef hence the need to play with the left hand )
Is there a way for you to look at the command detail of these to files ( original and mod ) to see what is missing in the 2nd line of the mod that would cause the Chordana program to default to attaching line 2 to the right hand ? There has to be something different in the identification of the 2nd line between these to files.

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Maybe the only thing that's different in the second file is this: Synth Bass line is too low for amateur piano.
Could you transpose up an octave and try it.

Any answers on Casio forum?

My suggestion: Use a midi editor.
Musescore is not for this kind of thing. (import midi, export midi) //The midi file imported into the Musescore and the midi file exported will definitely change.
There is not even a mscz file in the middle :)
There is not any score.

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