Add capability to alter size of wings on repeats.

• Dec 22, 2017 - 17:44

Really it's all in the subject.

I would like to extend (by quite a lot) the wings on the repeats.

Would really help for sight-reading on the fly.



FWIW, these are not drawn according to settings right now - they are just characters in the music font. So the length of the wings depends on the music font you use. of the three fonts we currently provide, the default (Emmentaler) has by far the largest wings. To me these make sense in this font. For 3.0, there will likely be additional fonts, including a handwritten one. My sense is that the handwritten fonts should probably be where any larger wings are added.

But I could also imagine providing two different sets of wings, so the option to enable winged repeats would be a radio button: off, small, large.

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