Tabs in higher positions WITH ALTERNATE TUNINGS

• Dec 26, 2017 - 20:35

Hi Musescore elites:

I am trying to create a guitar tabs composition with a drop-D tuning, with a lot of riffage and stuff. However: It doesn't let me input notes on the low D string higher up the fretboard than the 6th fret (an Ab). Once I try to input the 7th fret on the low D, it reverts to the open note on the A string. Usually, in standard tuning, command+arrow keys can move between positions on various strings, but this simply doesn't work when dealing with the alternate tuning.

Help? thanks.


In order to do more than guess at what the problem might be, we would need you to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem you are seeing. In general, MuseScore has no concept of one tuning being standard and another being alternate. It only knows what you tell it in the string data dialog. So my guess is you have something set wrong there.

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Alright, sure. I've attached the score. For precise steps: I created the project from blank, and added guitar tabs as an instrument. I then went into staff properties > edit string data, selected the E2 string, and changed it to D2. Then I tried making my tab, and the issue appeared immediately.

Theres a second issue I found: Normally, I would use the numbers on my computers number pad to input the notes on the tab clef. I would press N, and press the number for the fret I wanted. The output onto the clef always matched what I inputted. Once I changed the low string to D2, the output frets became offset from what I inputted, by two. i.e: On the D2 string, pressing 2 outputs 0 on the cleff. Pressing 3 outputs 1. Pressing 6 outputs 4.

Pressing 7, however, outputs 0 on the A string. Pressing 9 (on the D2 string) outputs 2 (on the A string). This is back to the first problem. Cmd+arrow key down doesn't do anything. However: Lets say I put an 8 on the A string. Cmd+arrow key up will correctly move that to a 3 on the D3 string. But pressing cmd+arrow key down does not move it to a 15 on the low D2 string. It doesn't do anything at all. See the problem?

Hope thats a better description.

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Thanks for posting the score.

I can see what the problem is - you changed the tuning after you generated the parts, and you didn't also change it for the part. MuseScore should probably keep the tuning in sync, but for whatever reason, it doesn't - perhaps to allow for special effects or perhaps just an oversight. Anyhow, the discrepancy leads to problems if you click a note and use the arrow keys, because the score and the part are in disagreement over what note to play.

Anyhow, fix the part to have the same tuning as the score and all is well.

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