sfz/Zerberus playing problem

• Jan 4, 2018 - 13:02

With me, the Zerberus Synthesizer seems to be overwhelmed in some cases. Is there something I could do against this?

I tried the following:
using Salamander GrandPiano 44 Khz
playing Beethoven, 2nd Sonata 3rd movement, musescore Nr. 64431.

When starting play, the first two beats sound as the should. But then, the synthesizer starts to "crack". Most notes are played as scare noise only.
I tried to export ist to mp3. Here, you don't hear cracks, but some notes are simply missing. Please her to the attached files for both cases.
Note: a more simple piece of music, I tested "for Elise", is played normal.

PC: AMD A8-3780, 8 GB, onboard realtek audio device.

Attachment Size
64431-Sonate_No._2_3rd_Movement.zip 2.01 MB


Yeah I think I'm having the same issue. There are some cracking noises in the playback, and when I export the audio to any format (I've tried wav, mp3, and ogg, they all do this), the only thing in the resulting audio file is the cracks.

I had found myself bewildered when I installed sf2 files and Zeberus played them. Consequently they didn’t work anymore. After a couple days of frustration, I had had my fill. So I went ahead and did the unthinkable, I went ahead and reverted Musescore 2.3.2 (Windows XP 3sp) to its default factory settings. But that was for nothing. But then I realized that after selecting the soundfont in Zeberus, I didn’t go into the Mixer to select the appropriate instrument. Once I did, everything worked perfectly well for me. The lesson; after selecting the soundfont in the synthesizer, you must go to the Mixer and select the instrument even if the instrument is already highlighted when you open the Mixer. From that point on, everything worked as expected.

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