Paid transcription opportunity: Freelance coordinator for OpenScore sub-project / university research project

• Jan 5, 2018 - 17:35

We are delighted to announce a paid opportunity for a freelance coordinator to manage an OpenScore sub-project, funded by the University of Cambridge Arts and Humanities Impact Fund 2017/18. The project will be co-supervised by Mark Gotham of the University of Cambridge, and Peter Jonas from OpenScore.

The Project

This project will contribute a collection of 19th Century Lieder (by Schubert, Schumann and others) to the OpenScore collection, making the songs freely available to everyone, and accessible in all major digital formats.


19th Century Lieder are an important candidate for transcription for many reasons.

  • A key repertoire for the teaching of music theory.
  • Provides a valuable corpus for research and analysis.
  • Repertoire needs to exist in multiple keys to support different singers’ ranges.
  • The encoding of vocal lines and text is already partially complete, thanks to a previous para-academic project, which will serve as the starting point for the current project.

Relationship of this project to OpenScore

  • Benefits from tools & methods developed by OpenScore
  • Scores will eventually become part of the OpenScore collection
  • Funded from a research grant (separate to the Kickstarter).
  • Consider it a sub-project of OpenScore

Nature of the coordinator post

  • Self employed
  • Paid fee + free MuseScore Pro account for duration of the project
  • Flexible hours, but readily available to respond to transcriber queries promptly (assume spending 1-2 hours on weekdays on the project)
  • Check and approve score submissions, or request changes
  • MuseScore/OpenScore provides tools and rewards contributors
  • Work to begin ASAP, with June deadline for completion

Please note: this post does not equate to a main source of income. This is an opportunity for individuals who are already employed/retired to supplement their income/pension by working an extra hour or two each day. Please contact OpenScore for details.

Required skills:

  • Music: Good understanding of music notation for voice and piano in general
  • Software: Proficient in MuseScore, general computing, and running basic commands from the command line
  • Personality: Professional, punctual and patient with contributors.

Desirable skills:

  • Instrumental / vocal experience, and good understanding of 19th Century Lieder
  • Regular MuseScore/OpenScore contributor (with code/score examples available)
  • Python development / able to run programs from the command line
  • Appreciates the cultural significance of the project

Peter Jonas - OpenScore Project Manager | Mark Gotham - University of Cambridge

Registering interest

Please reply below or contact OpenScore directly.


Dear Peter Jonas:
I am a student from Taiwan who has been transcribing and arranging music as a strong interest, and I happen to see this post while searching for a transcribing project I once heard about a long time ago. I ,having read this post carefully, am fairly interested in this opportunity.
I have four years experience of using Musescore and using it to transcribe music. I transcribe music mostly from Deemo, a music game created by Rayark, into either piano solo or a full score.
Also, I have been performing in the percussion division in a high school wind band (NEHS wind band) for over four years. In the early period I had been studying full scores of some wind band music, gaining much knowledge of arranging music. Afterwards, I arranged two wind band pieces, "Selections from VK" and "Taiwanese Folk Song Suite". Both of them have been performed by NEHS wind band.
All of my works can be found by searching "Deemo Harlos" on the Musescore website. (I had to create four accounts to put all my works on it.)
I am currently studying computer science (CSIE) in National Taiwan University (NTU). If any further details on my experience and backgrounds can be provided, please let me know via e-mail. A duplicate of this message is sent via the contact link you provided.
I am really looking forward to your reply. Thank you for your consideration.

Deemo Harlos
Student of NTUCSIE (Located in Taipei, Taiwan)

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