Repeats don't work in the middle of a measure

• Jan 7, 2018 - 00:53

Repeats work perfectly when they're at the end of a measure, but when I put one in the middle of a measure it just powers right through it when I play the piece back, even with repeats turned on in the toolbar above. Is this some sort of bug? I appreciate any help.


It's not really a bug. In order to make a repeat in the middle of a measure, you need to split the measure. Select the first note you want after the repeat, use the menu Edit->Measure->Split measure before selected note and then insert the repeat. If you use measure number you will want to right click one of the measures, select measure properties and check the "Exclude from measure count" option.

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The most likely, your score contains a part, or parts. In this case, the feature is disabled to avoid some possible undesired effects, as a score corruption.
So, begin to remove the part(s), split the measure in main score, and at last, recreate your part(s).

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