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• Jan 8, 2018 - 16:55

I've just updated to Muse Score 2 for my Mac. I've loved the software for a long time and there are many great things about the update. Small complaint. The defaults still crowd the chords, lyrics, lead line and notes. It's a real ineligible mess and there appears to be no fix. In the old version the sanctioned fix didn't work so I would create a false last verse that would be just a period ( . ) to fool the software into putting enough space between the lines. I'm not able to do that now. Anyone else have an end round?

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Huge thanks! With those fixes I was able to make to work. FYI, on my MAC the keyboard shortcuts -- F8 to go here, { to stretch, whathaveyou -- don't work. But the software is brilliant!!!! And so it the help.

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