Responsive Embedding

• Jan 8, 2018 - 19:46


do you plan to create responsive embedding for mobile devices?

It works properly on Android Devices (as far as i tested), but it doesn't work well on iOS.

Please attached screen
Screenshot 2018-01-08 20.38.21.png
-1st. score player is my play-around with responsive iframe
- 2nd score player (below) is defaultly generated iframe.

I would like to integrate this score player into my website ( and i don't want to let my students to go outside my web...)

Any ideas or solutions?

Thanks in advance
Miloš Offenbartl


Hi Miloš,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Is there any chance to share your webpage with us via This way I can try to reproduce the problem from here and see what is going wrong.

I’m having the same problem, except my iframes are actually sliding or drifting off to the right side…! I’m trying to write an open-access textbook using Musescore but these iframe embeds are bad.

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