Can not open this problem mscz file

• Jan 9, 2018 - 11:08

Musescore opens this file but immediately shuts it. I think the problem is: instrument changes: Violoncello "CelloEnsSusVib-Quiet" and Contrabass: "ContrabassSusVib-Quiet" on the measures 3. I can remake this composition (I have earlier version of this composition) but I would happy if it is possible somehow to open this or change to pdf, because I would like to use couple of measures of this file. Can somebody help me? : )

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Opens just fine for me.
But crashes when I open the mixer. Also in the latest development builds (2.2 and master)...

Stack trace in latest master:
1 Channel::controller channel.cpp 94 0x95778f
2 Zerberus::play zerberus.cpp 201 0x953036
3 Ms::MasterSynthesizer::play msynthesizer.cpp 92 0x7002a1
4 Ms::Seq::putEvent seq.cpp 1423 0x4f3211
5 Ms::Seq::processMessages seq.cpp 577 0x4f005a
6 Ms::Seq::process seq.cpp 742 0x4f09d1
7 Ms::paCallback pa.cpp 51 0x6b0b03
8 NonAdaptingProcess 0x65344e3d
9 PaUtil_EndBufferProcessing 0x6534602f
10 ProcessingThreadProc *4 0x653520c3
11 KERNEL32!BaseThreadInitThunk 0x74e8343d
12 ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain 0x77269832
13 ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain 0x77269805
14 ??

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I had several instrument changes ( I wanted to change how the cello/contra sounds from the mixer), I think the problem occurred when I added measures in the beginning (after putting instrument changes) and the file got messed up somehow.

From now on if I have Instrument changes and I want to add measures in the beginning for example, it´s better/safer delete the instrument changes--add mesures--and after that making the instrument changes again.

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