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• Jan 9, 2018 - 11:48

Hello everyone.

Mr. Peter Jones (shoogle) was doing a project to implement this feature, a couple of years back and since it's not completed yet, I hope to continue from where he stopped. (

This is the original feature specification done by him.

I'm an undergraduate at University of Moratuwa, reading for a Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering degree. I was assigned to implement a lyrics editor for MuseScore as our semester project.

This is my first time developing a project in C++ and Qt and I know this will be a challenge and a great experience for me. And I'm hoping to give this the best I can and complete the project as best as I can.

These are the features I'm planning to implement.

• to add lyrics without going through the “Add” menu.
• edit lyrics of multiple notes at the same time.
• copy-paste lyrics into the editor and automatically add lyrics to corresponding notes.
• search Internet for lyrics without leaving MuseScore.
• to check spellings of lyrics.

As I'm a complete beginner in this context, I will be needing all the help I can get from the MuseScore community and I hope that you guys will help me through my project.

I will keep updating this post as the project progresses. Wish me luck :-)

Thank you.

Kavindu Chamiran


You will no doubt get feedback from the large number of people who have requested this in the past. My first question is "Are you going to make it compatible with version 2.x?"

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Congratulations on securing the project, and thank you for choosing MuseScore!

There have been many code changes between the 2.X and 3 branches, so while it is certainly possible to get it working in 2.X, this won't do anything for your university grade. Your priorities are:

  • getting something working in 3.0 on your machine that you can demo to your supervisor
  • writing the report, and fulfilling any other university requirements that will affect your grade

You can try to get it working in 2.X after you have fulfilled all essential requirements.

Kavindu, I would suggest that you take a look at lyrics entry and editing in Guitar Pro. Their implementation is quite easy to use, and is in many respects similar to the referenced spec. Perhaps it will give you ideas and/or a tangible model to work from. Good luck, and happy you're taking this on!

Guitar Pro:

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