Formatting Narrower Measure Widths

• Jan 10, 2018 - 22:46

Working on a 35 measure score with twenty staves (it's a rewrite of Bach's Prelude One).

MuseScore is only setting two measures per page, so it's fifteen printed pages altogether right now.

It doesn't need to be that many pages. I've sought and looked at just about every option I can think of, but I couldn't figure out how to reduce the measure widths.

Any ideas?




Post the score, please (the MuseScore mscz file).

In general it boils down to making your page bigger, scaling everything down, adjusting stretch or adjusting space before and after notes. THere is, however, a kind of muscial Plank constant that says you can only cram so many notes into a given space.

As mentioned, attaching the score helps us give more appropriate advice to your particular situation. The standard things mentioned abov e- staff size, overall measure spacing, the 'stretch" to override this - are indeed the first things to do if you want more music to fit. Another possibility is to simply reduce the minimum distance between notes in Style / General / Measure.

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